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Surfing Boardshorts for 2020

HOW DO WE PICK THE BEST BOARDSHORTS for riding waves? Surfing boardshorts are needed to be lightweight and machine washable, seam taped and stretchable, very comfortable, water repellent and with style. Boardshorts are central

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The Best Soft Surfboards

WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE A SOFT SURFBOARD FOR YOURSELF? The answer is simple. Soft Surfboards are designed to be extremely durable and easy to control They come in both shortboard and longboard options, and

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Wetsuit Surfing – How it All Began

We, at Encinitas Surfing highly recommend the following wetsuits for quality, comfort and function. Click on the image links below for purchasing details.           WETSUIT SURFING-THE BIRTH OF THE WETSUIT

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The 5 Best Surfing Sunglasses: Floating Sunglasses

There is one great thing you should add to your bag as you head to the beach: Make it a pair of Surfing Sunglasses, or Floating Sunglasses. Your regular glasses just won’t cut it

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Women’s Sunscreen Clothing – Fashion for a Reason

Women’s Sunscreen Clothing – An Essential Step for Protection Runners and virtually all outdoor enthusiasts spend a lot of time under the sun. But all of those hours in the sun put us at

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What is the Best Underwater Camera – Several Great Choices

The Best Underwater Camera: Don’t Leave Land Without it One of the best things about going on underwater adventures is that it gives you the opportunity to observe and experience a whole other world—an

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Surf Clothing – Functional Items for More Comfort

WHAT IS SURF CLOTHING? Sportswear or surfwear is clothing, including footwear, worn for sport or physical exercise. SURF clothing is worn for practical, comfort or safety reasons. Typical surf clothing items include board shorts,

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